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Stock Line Products

These trailers are Hot Dipped Galvanised


Farm Trailers

Come in various sizes eg:
TK1209F (1200 long x 900 wide)
TK1511F (1500 long x 1100 wide)
TK1912F (1900 long x 1200 wide) these are all single axle.
TK2412F (2400 long x 1200 wide) Tandem Axle

These can come complete with crates or on their own.

Farm Bike Trailer

Road Trailers
These trailers can all have crates fitted and can also have
manual tipping fitted at time of build.

Road Trailer S/A

Single Axle Road Trailers
600KG Leaf Spring
TK1511R (1500 long x 1100 wide)
1000KG Leaf Spring
TKSTD (1800 long x 1220 wide)
TK1912R (1900 long x 1220 wide)
TK2112STD (2150 long x 1220 wide)
TK2112R (2150 long x 1220 wide) - This trailer is heavy duty.
TK2115R (2150 long x 1525 wide)
1200KG Leaf Spring
TK2412R (2400 long x 1220 wide)
TK2414R (2400 long x 1400 wide)

Tandem Axle Road Trailers
2000KG Leaf Spring Equalizer Rocker Suspension
TKTD2414R (2400 long x 1400 wide)
TKTD2514R (2500 long x 1400 wide)
TKTD3015R (3000 long x 1500 wide)


King Sided Trailers (Single Axle) 500mm high sides
TKKS1912R (1900 long x 1200 wide)
TKKS2112R (2150 long x 1220 wide)
TKKS2412R (2400 long x 1220 wide)

Optional extras available include:
  • Motorbike Ramp Tailgate
  • Jockey Wheel
  • Spare Wheels
  • Motorbike Ramps
  • Brakes
  • Hydraulic Tipping options
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